College – Student Privacy Issues – Knowledge For Parents

Students Privacy

Students Privacy

The Informational Technology is becoming more efficient, effective and popular with the passage of time. In this world of technology, we use computing devices such as Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones to save, analyze and manipulate the data. In organizations and institutions, the use of Big data is also getting more and more popular.

Nowadays, most of the colleges and schools are using computers to save the personal data of their students and staff. Colleges and Universities are utilizing IT’s latest equipment and technologies to manage more and more data about the students such as using cloud computing and other new technologies.

While it is helpful for the colleges and universities to get to know students in a more personal way and to keep record of student’s activities, it also becomes danger for a student because it raises the vulnerability issues to the personal data of students. Although, most of the colleges, Universities and the admins or counselors in those universities never give so much attention to such things, but it is a responsibility of a parent or spouse to ask some privacy related questions to any school or college in which they are going to admit their kids.

The personal data issue is very critical because most of the people don’t bother to ask these things but they make some real difference the teenager or student. I have seen many colleges using the personal data such as Email Addresses and Phone Numbers in order to make some money by selling them to other companies and in some cases schools and colleges have to share data with some companies such as insurance providing company and they really do not make clear that how they are going to use this data.

There are also some rules and regulations made by the governments in order to secure the privacy of the students and to minimize the misuse of personal information collected by colleges and universities. Although, the rules varies according to the country but the following video will be somehow helpful.

So, for the goodness of students and parents, I am going to give some examples of questions that you must ask from your college or university in order to keep your personal data really personal.

Ask What They Will Collect:

Before doing admissions and all that kind of stuff first of all, ask them that what kind of data they will be collecting from students. Will it be just Phones Numbers and Emails, or Emails with Postal Address or what it will be exactly? And make sure that you get some sure proof of that so that in future they won’t be able to spy anything else from you.

The main reason of this sometimes, some of the colleges and universities collect some really deep personal data such as pregnancy, health, affairs and things like that. So, before you get into any trouble its safer to know what they really want to know about you.

Ask How Will They Use It:

As obviously, the next question will be how exactly they are going to use that data? Will they ever share this data with some another person/corporation or organization and if yes then under what circumstances they are going to do that?

Will They Encrypt It:

This is also a good question to ask because if the college or university is managing some really big data then they will be using cloud computing for that in which case, hackers can hack into their computers or servers and then can steal the whole data. So, in those circumstances if the college or university would have encrypted the data then it will be harder the hackers to get to the exact original information.

For How Long Will They Keep It:

This is very important question. You will have to know if they are going to keep your kids’ personal data forever or will they just save and use that data for the session period only. Know that when they are going to delete that data in future.

Although, various colleges and universities have their own rules and regulations about managing privacy and personal data of students and it is a hard task to get every single true detail because they are going to tell you the truth always. But if you at least know that what they said that they will do and in future you think that they crossed their line then it might be useful for you in legal issues.


How to Choose Best Engineering College

How To Choose College

How To Choose A Perfect College For You

There are lots of students searching for a perfect engineering college to do their study of engineering each year. Some students prefer international colleges and universities such as Harvard, Stanford and McGill, while others choose to stick with the local colleges and universities. In countries like India, the students with higher ranks in entrance exams got selected by top engineering colleges such as IIT and NIITs. But there are many students who got rejected from these intuitions.
For those students, there are lots of choices to select a proper college for them. There are many local universities and colleges in India where students can get a good education for their course of engineering. These universities are like Punjab Technical University, Guru Nanak Dev University and Lovely Professional University. There are number of colleges who come under these universities thus students have a wider list of options to choose from.
When it comes to selecting a perfect university or college, most of the students just look at the placements provided by the institutions. Although, it is one of the matrices to measure the success of a college but it is not some great thing that tells us all about the college and education provided there.
Here I am going to share some tips for high school students which will help them in choosing a perfect college or university for them.
Get Suggestions From People You Trust:
When you are in the stage of choosing a college for you, then there may be lot of phone calls, messages and people to attract to some specific college. They may tell you that they have the best engineering education, they offer this, and they offer that. Well, you must not listen to any of them. You should consult with the people that you trust the most. These people can be your parents, your seniors, your friend and your teacher. Seek some advice from them, as this advice will come from their practical experience and thus you do not have to verify each detail. As they also gone through the same process that you are going through, so there advice would be of much help.
Make a List Of College and Do Your Own Research:
Now, as you got recommendations from trusted people and resources. You should make a list of the colleges that most of the people recommended to you and then start doing your own research. For this, you must have at least a month or two as with more time you have, the more research that you can do. For best results, you should visit each college that is on your list and meat the admission officer or admission department of each college. Tell them about your interests, your skills and in which stream you are interested. Then visit the laboratories and workshops of each college related to your subject and course. Meet the technicians and some staff members. Make sure that you find the necessary tools and guidance for your course. By doing this, you will end up having one or some small number of colleges in your list. In this way you have narrowed down your options.
Apply For The Colleges in Your List:
After researching a lot, you may find that some single option is perfect for you. But you should stick with at least two to three options. Visit the colleges and make a list of two to three best ones that you liked. Then apply for the admission in each of them. The reason here that we are applying for multiple colleges is that it is not always that easy to get admission in the college of your interest. There may be less sheets remaining or maybe you cannot pass their eligibility test. In this case, having multiple options will help you a lot. In this way, you will end up having admission at one of the best college of your choice.

Below is a helpful video which shows you some tips regarding choosing the best engineering college for you.

Tips For College Freshman

Tips For College Freshman

Tips For College Freshman

When we read the newspapers or magazines, we find that most of the pages are full with advises and guidelines for college students. Some tips are for the new college freshman while others are for advanced students. The part of advanced tips are mostly filled with content such as guidelines for study and to score high in exams while for newbies it is just the general things about the college. College is a very important part of every student’s life so students should make the most of this time by utilizing the resources effectively and not to waste their time on thinking about home or friends in the town.

Many students feel that they sometimes miss their homes and family a lot that they cannot focus on their studies. Some says that they miss their friends, while some others have other various kinds of problems.Here are some tips for college freshman to enjoy their college life and have the best of this. Although, we cannot say that it is not normal or natural to feel homesickness because we know that getting used to some new environment takes time. You are not familiar with the atmosphere of the college, you do not have any close friends and you may even have some senior enemies to disturb you.

So, here are some tips for college freshman students who want to get some help to stay focused on their study while having fun in campus.

  • Socialize With Other Students

This is the first must do thing and I think this is also obvious. If you want to enjoy your days of college then you must have some friends to enjoy with. Friends are the most important thing in student life. If you are not in the habit of socializing with others then you must try to improve your communication skills and if you are afraid of talking to someone as you may think that he or she is too good for you then try your mouth on some random low level persons that you think won’t mind you.

Your first goal should be to be friends with the students of your class because that would be much helpful for you as you can share many things with each other and can also help each other in various subjects. But it doesn’t mean that you should not be friends with seniors or you should ignore them. Seniors are also very useful resources in college. As they are older than you and have more experience than you, thus they can help you in many matters. Some seniors also possess access to some higher authorities that can also help you.

  • Join a Community

Making friends or socializing with others is a tip that does not need any financial help. But this one does. Joining a community or club may cost you a few bucks but this is really worth it as you will see the entertainment that you get by joining a club. It is one of the best ways to have fun in college. When choosing the club, make sure that you choose the club of your choice…that is the subject or activity that you are interested in.

  • Utilize Your Students Status

Those were the two main tips for freshman but this one also counts. Most of the freshman students may not know that they can have a huge discount on things they are required to purchase. There are many stores and shopping malls in various countries where students can get a huge discount on their purchase. So do not forget to make use of your student status.

Here is a video that you may find useful for tips on college freshman.

Motivation For College & High School Students

Motivation For Students

Motivation For Students

The college time of a student is an important part of his/her life. Youngsters of college got potential and energy that if they utilize it effectively and efficiently then they can achieve anything they want. A college student is a source of unlimited energy and power.
But the problem is that most of the students find their college time very boring. Some students spend their college by fully focusing on study and thus they never get opportunity to enjoy these moments of life. While some other students waste all their time by wandering around, enjoying parties and not giving the required attention to their studies. Well, both of them are considered wrong. College life is a part of one’s life that is most cheerful and when you can get most of the fun. This time will not come again but this is also the time for working hard and become something that you want to become.
Therefore, students should stay focused to high priority tasks and should not waste their time on unnecessary things.
Most students will surely get it that playing and exercising is important and should be done regularly in order to stay active and healthy and most of the students will start to implement this in their lives. There will not be any problem in that. But when it comes to study, Ohhhh…Students gets totally demotivated and they do not show their interest in studies. Students mostly say that they try to do their best in studies but they just cannot do it. No matter how hard they try, they do not feel motivated to study.
For them, I have uploaded this new video. I hope that students will find it useful. This is a motivational video for college and high school students. This video is for all students, of all streams and branches. Whether you are in Engineering, Medical, Science, Technology, Arts, Management or any other kind of study. This video will be totally helpful for you. It will help you to stay motivated for your study so next time when you will have to study, you will study from your heart and you will see that your mind start to work faster and everything will start to make sense.
Here is the Motivational Video for College and High School Students

I hope you will find it useful. If you have any other tips or guidelines for college or high school students that you wanted to share then you can let us know via comments. Dear Students, I am waiting to hear from you.
To Your Success,

College Application Mistakes That Students Should Avoid

College Applications Mistakes

College Applications Mistakes

Every high school senior students want to get admitted in the college of his desire. There are various tasks that you need to do and various kinds of tests that a student have to pass if he wanted to get admission i some specific college. One of these tests is College Admission Application. This application includes various tasks such as describing yourself, writing an essay or article on some specific topic. Although, it is not all that can take you to the college but it is much of it.

So, the college application should be filled very carefully in order to impress the admissions officer and to get admission in the college or university of your choice. As you are or the student is going to apply for the college will be a high school student so you might not familiar with these kind of tests. You may not know what you should do and what you should not in order to get success.

That is why we have researched a little on the internet and found some great tips for you. These are the bigger mistakes that students make while filling college application. These mistakes lead them nothing but failure and their dream of joining the college of their desire remains a dream. If you wanted to see your dream come true then you have to avoid these mistakes when filling information and other stuff in your college application. Following is the list of these huge mistakes that students should avoid.

Big Application Mistakes to Avoid

Read Instructions Carefully : Before proceeding to fill out the information and write your essays etc, please be sure to read the instructions. Everything to be don in the application is directed properly on it so you should spend some time on reading instructions and then understanding them smartly. You may not believe but some deans and admission officers have told that they got many applications from local US students who have filled the information in the International Students section and have given their credit card number as VISA 🙂 Funny isn’t it? So you should be careful before making these silly mistakes.

Be Responsible : It happens many times that students do not care about their stuff and it is in fact the parents who set up everything. But this type of deals is not recommended by college and it is not taken as a good sign. It is you (student) who is going to get admission in the college, so it should be you who asking the questions, clearing your doubts and answering questions in the first place. No matter if your father, mother, mom dad, or even whole family is sitting with you. You should be the one who work out things and make decisions. College Admission Officers like the students who do things by themselves as it shows that they have keen interest in studying further and specifically studying in that particular college.

Know Your Call: Many officers reported that most of the times, it is parents who talks over the phone and ask for details regarding the admissions. Well, it shows that students himself have no interest in studying there whatsoever. This mostly happens because high school students do not wanted to study further. They just wanted to their daily work and have fun with their local friends. So, you should first decide that you really wanted to go to college or is it just because of your parents are asking for this or some of your friends or relatives suggested you to do this. Know your own call.

Submitting on Last : You should complete your application and submit it to the college as soon as possible. Most of the students make a big mistake of just procrastinating and doing their application and they submit it at the end of the deadline. Keep in mind that there might be any delays in Post etc so there are chances that your application will not reach to the college.

Strategy Tips to Apply For College

Strategy For College

Strategy to Apply For College

No matter, if you are in Engineering Field, or Medical, what business you are into, or what kind of work you do, it is always known that a best strategy always work. So for the high school students who are looking to apply for the college of their choice can also take some help by making and working on a strategy. There are many steps that are included in Applying for a college.

The first of them is finding your college that wanted to go in and then looking for courses of your interest. After that when it comes to applying for the college, you should work smarter…that means you should go slow and steady instead of wasting your most of the time on enjoying your senior year at high school and assuming that you will complete the entire application in one night. This is not possible and if you will do that anyhow then your application will not be the one that will get you accepted in college.

The senior students of college always says that if they had known these things before then they might have completed a lot of applications. But when we are in senior high schools we cannot think of anything like that and we are mostly into having fun at school.

To help you guys, in order to make a strategy for applying to college that works. Following are some tips for Applying to college and being successful at it.

Meet Seniors: Before applying for admission and choosing any college, you should first make a list of your desired colleges and then schedule a visit to each of them. When visiting a college, do not limit yourselves to the staff only, but you should meet college seniors and other students out there as they have gone through the situation that you are going through now so they can be of much help as they got some experience for you. You  should ask any questions that are in your mind and make everything clear. The main secret tips to score high in the college application are in the hand of those who have experienced this thing so they will be really helpful to you.

Talk to Relatives and Friends: When joining some college, keep in mind to ask for the suggestions or any possible help from friends or relatives. Sometimes, your relative might have a close friend in the college or university or a relation in there. So, that would also help you a lot.

Manage Your Time: You should manage your time very smartly. Almost all colleges posses a specific criteria or set of rules for applying such as deadlines for submitting applications and deadlines for submitting your fee. You should be aware of that. Make sure that you packed up everything,that is all the required stuff for you. Also make sure that you have enough money to pay for the tuition fee and living costs in the college campus. If you think that it would be hard for you to collect that much money, you should contact the scholarship department before the deadline. Because there might also be deadlines for applying for a scholarship.

These are some tips for making a strategy for applying for the college. If you think we missed some tip or have any query you can tell us via comments. Thanks for reading.

Required SATs to Apply For Top & Best Engineering Colleges

SAT Scores For College

SAT Scores For Applying to Top Engineering Colleges

Every high school student spend most of his time of senior year in thinking about his future. What he will do? If he will continue his study then from where he will get his bachelor’s degree. Which course should he take and in which college or university he should get admission? Which college should be best for him and so on. Undoubtedly, every student wants to get his degree done from some high end and well reputable college or university. But not all students get that opportunity to study in the college of their interest. As the requirements of Top and Best Colleges are much higher and the number of students applying for the college is also large so there is a heck a lot of competition.

And when it comes to Engineering then it gets even harder than general courses. Because of the high demand of Engineering students in jobs and high paying jobs, more and more students are applying for the Engineering courses. But Institutes and Colleges who provides engineering education are much strict to their policies and guidelines when it comes to Engineering.

Due to a large number of applicants, colleges cannot accept every student into the program. So they only select very good and best students from the crowd. The SAT scores are an important part of the overall selection criteria. Your SATs do affect a lot on your admissions. There are lot of colleges in various countries which are regarded as top and best colleges of the world and not all of them have same standards on choosing students for admissions. Although, most of them requires your SAT to be highest but its not the only thing that they look to. The admission officers also pay attention to your overall high school performance and your extracurricular activities.

Apart from looking on your SAT scores, the university and colleges also suggests that students applying for Engineering courses should have good marks in Math. This means you should have a good background in Mathematics during your high school if you want to get admitted to the college of your choice. This is because Math is necessary for Engineering students as you will have to do a lot of calculations and will have to solve some very difficult numerical.

As you might understand that is much difficult to list the proper SATs required by all top colleges of the world. But i tried to collect such information on the very best and popular colleges and found the following data. The chart given below shows the SAT scores that these Engineering colleges require if you wanna apply for their Engineering courses.

SAT Scores
Reading Math Writing
25% 75% 25% 75% 25% 75%
Berkeley (general admissions) 600 730 630 760 610 740
Caltech 700 790 760 800 700 790
Carnegie Mellon (CIT) 630 730 680 780 640 740
Cornell (engineering) 660 750 720 800
Georgia Tech 590 690 650 740 590 690
Illinois (engineering) 1920 – 2150 (reading, math, writing)
Michigan (general admissions) 630 730 670 770 650 750
MIT 670 770 740 800 660 770
Purdue (engineering) 1720 – 2010 (reading, math, writing)
Stanford 670 770 690 780 680 780

Credits Goes To